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Where’s Cleggy?

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Nick Clegg is one of those intellectual types who really is hopeless at the simple things. Like turning up for work.

We are used to the sight of the man who hates Britain peering over the left shoulder of David Cameron at PMQs: a most irritating spectacle that makes you want to put a brick through the telly, right where Cleggy’s face is. But today, when the subject on the order paper in the House of Commons was the one he loves the most he failed to turn up. 
Never mind, this PR error by Clegg will just compound the view the public have of the Liberal Democrat leader: a flip-flopping hypocrite who will always put limo before principle. 
Back in the chamber, Cameron was on excellent form, fielding no less than 101 questions after his statement on the EU Summit last week, where he deployed Britain’s veto to protect 10% of the UK’s economy and millions of British jobs. Although he felt the need to ramp up the rhetoric on Britain being at the centre of Europe to offer some biscuits to the Lib Dems he still, rightly, received the praise of Conservative backbenchers, including none other than arch-Eurosceptic John Redwood (who received the biggest cheer of the session).
The last few days have seen the tectonic plates move in the UK political landscape. Almost every media outlet (other than the criminally bias BBC) recognises that the public have shifted to a position where they are seriously considering leaving the EU. The Daily Mail found two thirds of Britons want a referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU with 62% saying Cameron was right to use our veto.  Half want to leave the EU now.

When an EU referendum is eventually called in the next few years the full truth of this wasteful, corrupt, anti-democratic organisation which is the EU will be told to the public. And at that point the British people will vote to leave the European Union and we will revert to a straightforward trading relationship without paying £billions into Brussels coffers, which, of course, was what the country voted for back in 1974.

Author: gavinmaclure

IT professional; political blogger, former Conservative councillor

One thought on “Where’s Cleggy?

  1. Have it on good authority that Nick Clegg was locked in Lib Dem HQ being waterboarded by Paddy Ashdown and Jenny Tonge – Baroness Tonge always has wanted to be a terrorist anyway, having once said if she was a Palestinian she'd be a suicide bomber. So where was Nick? Being tortured by has beens from the party of sitting on the fence over the only policy position where they jumped down on the wrong side of the fence to the public.

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