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Senior Liberal Democrat advocates leaving EU


For a sign of how far we have come since Thursday you need look no further (if you are one of my local readers) than the latest view of senior Ipswich Liberal Democrat councillor, Andrew Cann. Cllr Cann has written on local blog Ipswich Spy that his view has moved towards the UK leaving the EU.  Let me say this again: a senior Liberal Democrat is advocating leaving the EU.

Cllr Cann poses a number of questions in his article which debunk the EU fanatics theory that we would all go to hell in a handcart if we took back our independence and forged our own way in the world (again). He goes on to say:

“Firstly we’d make our own rules again regarding labour flexibility, working time and continue to improve competitiveness vis-a-vis our European counterparts.
We’d be responsible for our own agricultural and fisheries policies.
We would be free to make our own bilateral agreements with states within the EU regarding movement of labour across borders (something I think benefits the UK).
We would save billions of pounds per annum in net contributions to the EU.
We would not elect Euro MP’s or take part in any of the European Unions institutions.
We would be free to make our own laws regarding public and private procurement subject to what agreements we come to with the WTO and bilaterally.”

So we have a Conservative Prime Minister who vetoes an EU Treaty for the first time in history to protect British interests. We have a Labour opposition who hate Britain so much they would rather side with the French than the British people. And now we have a senior Liberal Democrat who graciously admits he was wrong on the Euro and leaving the EU might be quite a good thing after all.

The political world has changed. It is now highly plausible the United Kingdom will leave the EU within the next decade.

Author: gavinmaclure

IT professional; political blogger, former Conservative councillor

3 thoughts on “Senior Liberal Democrat advocates leaving EU

  1. Will he join Tories next or go straight to UKIP?

  2. Not wishing to detract from Mr. Cann's epiphany, but…"So we have a Conservative Prime Minister who vetoes an EU Treaty for the first time in history to protect British interests""Please stop this. Cameron DID NOT VETO A TREATY.I hope I have time to write this up properly later today.

  3. Perhaps he was absent by pairing arrangement with "Redder Ed" Balls – it must be difficult to hide someone of his bulk.

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