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Cabinet visit Ipswich (well Martlesham)

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Today my ultimate boss welcomed David Cameron to BT’s Adastral Park in Martlesham, just outside Ipswich, as the Prime Minister took his Cabinet on the road to visit the provinces.

BT’s CEO Ian Livingston welcomed David Cameron and the full Cabinet, including Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, to BT’s world renowned Adastral Park complex and showed the PM examples of BT’s cutting-edge technology solutions. The Prime Minister then held a Cabinet meeting on the site. I no longer work at Adastral Park day-to-day so, thankfully, did not have to experience the inevitable disruption that would have occurred as a result of the security operation.

Our MP, Ben Gummer, met the Cabinet off the train at Ipswich and used the visit, amongst other things, to press home the need for improvements to the railway line between London and Norwich. Typically, the PM’s train was on time (a rare event indeed)!  But I hope David Cameron noticed the crumbling rolling stock we ordinary commuters have to put up with on the mainline – and I hope he didn’t have to use the very poor toilet facilities!

Mr Gummer has articulated well the issues we have with our railway infrastructure in the East of England and he is to be congratulated in getting David Cameron and his Cabinet to visit Ipswich (well some merely passed through Ipswich but never mind!) – now we need to see action and improvement in the railway, the rolling stock and the service. We will be watching.

UPDATE: The BBC have a report on the visit to BT’s Adastral Park here.

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One thought on “Cabinet visit Ipswich (well Martlesham)

  1. Was told, somewhat assertively, that there was a significant difference between this visit and that of Gordon Brown. No motorcycle outriders, standard class carriages on the trains, low key travel arrangements, no police enforced road closures, very little disruption. Within moments of the Prime Minister's train leaving for London the platform was back to normal, the police dispersed, all appeared normal. Whilst we remember significant complaint and comment when Gordon Brown came in 2010 that the policing operation was heavy handed and "security" practically shut down half the town.

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