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Public sector strike branded a damp squib

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I was prepared to write a lengthy post tonight to counteract the selfish action of striking public sector workers today, predicted by the unions to cause mass disruption to millions of workers up and down the land, but it seems I don’t need to bother.

After all the rhetoric from the likes of Dave Prentis of Unison and Brendan Barber of the TUC it turned out the biggest walkout “since the 1920s” was, in the words of the prime minister, a damp squib.

The chaos the unions were hoping to cause at our borders never materialised: a better service would be had if the strikers stayed away from work all of the time. Yes, there was disruption for parents up and down the land as schools were closed but in watching the Geography teacher being followed around Birmingham today by ITV News it just proved the point that teachers aren’t exactly the brightest tools in the box these days.

The thin crowds during the marches, as shown in the aerial footage in the rolling news channels, was somewhat embarrassing for the unions. Where were the hoardes of disgruntled public sector workers? In bed? Most probably.

So, what has this General Strike achieved? Answer: little sympathy from the vast majority of working Britain and the imposition of a worse pension deal by the Government. Not a good day for the unions.


Author: gavinmaclure

IT professional; political blogger, former Conservative councillor

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