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How do I get to here in Ipswich?

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Those of my readers who live in Ipswich may have noticed a few pieces of street furniture popping up in the town centre over the last few weeks.

Firstly, I must declare an interest here as it was actually my wife, Cllr Tanya Maclure, who was the driving force behind the walking and cycling maps now being installed, when she was Portfolio Holder for Transport. 
The way-finding maps use sophisticated mapping technology to show the current location and key landmarks in 3D on a street map rotated to the direction the user is facing. The map-based monoliths, pictured, also incorporate information on walks through the town centre. 
I believe they are a great addition to our town centre and help to inform visitors and residents alike of how to get to a particular location, and in many instances they will help the local economy by assisting people in finding the place they want to spend money: this will be critical during the make-or-break Christmas trading period.
Naturally, Labour were against the maps at the time of the decision.
The street maps will also encourage inward investment, as the Giles Circus scheme has done by attracting Waitrose to Ipswich for the first time: there is no way Waitrose would have opened a store next to a bunch of motorbikes and a very poorly laid out pedestrian thoroughfare.
My belief is Ipswich Borough Council and any district council, which does not have major responsibilities such as education and adult social services, should be targeting most taxpayers money at schemes which will ‘kickstart’ private investment and not by wasting it on recruiting diversity and climate change officers or setting up pointless projects to get people to eat their ‘five a day’. That way councils could be making a real effort to help Britain out of the current financial mess we are in. Sadly this is unlikely as Labour are now in charge of Ipswich Borough Council.

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One thought on “How do I get to here in Ipswich?

  1. "Naturally, Labour were against the maps at the time of the decision"Perhaps they thought it would hinder the commercial interests of the East of England Co-op, which pays the election expenses of certain councillors and pensions to some?

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