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Ipswich is coming of age

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My wife is away at the moment and has taken our car.  Being only a one car family (not out of some loony aversion to CO2 but out of economic necessity) I have gone about my business on foot.

This has been a lovely experience and demonstrated to me how Ipswich has come on leaps and bounds since I came to live here ten years ago.  I’ve shed a few pounds but more importantly I’ve been able to visually devour Ipswich town centre and our Waterfront which when whizzing around in my car I don’t get to appreciate.
There are a fair few doomsayers in Ipswich who think our town centre has gone to wrack and ruin. I’m not convinced by this. Instead, I am particularly pleased by how lovely Giles Circus looked yesterday – a piece of regeneration led by Conservatives and rabidly opposed by Labour at the time. The town also has many more decent shops than there were ten years ago with White Stuff, Fat Face and Office now open.
But of course the absolute jewel in the crown is the Waterfront with the new bars, restaurants and the UCS campus. I also like the new housing developments around Duke Street and the shops which have sprung up to serve them. And even the new traffic scheme at the bottom of Back Hamlet is a vast improvement. The town has grown up and feels far more forward-looking than at the turn of the century.

Now there are always issues and the shell commonly known as the ‘wine rack’ on the Waterfront still stands as a monument to the recession and the woeful management of the banks by the last Labour Government and foreign governments, especially the Irish whose government, or so I am told, actually owns the ‘wine rack’ as it is in their toxic bank. Sadly, until the Irish sell it, it won’t be finished any time soon.

However, there is a problem down the Waterfront the newly selected Labour parliamentary candidate and leader of Ipswich Borough Council, Cllr David Ellesmere, could solve soon, and that is the horrid rubbish stagnating the marina. This is something Ipswich Borough Council should be sorting out as although they don’t own the marina I believe they do own the marina bed, which the rubbish along with the water sits on. Over to you David.

Author: gavinmaclure

IT professional; political blogger, former Conservative councillor

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