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Train Chaos hits MP

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Further to my post last week, I’ve learnt that my MP, Ben Gummer, is also suffering this evening on the railway line between London and Ipswich. He is furious and rightly so. There has been another suicide, the second in a week. As sad as it is, why has the poor soul been allowed to get on to the railway track in the first place and why does it take so long for British Transport Police to clear up the incident?

Mr Gummer has articulated well the extent of the railway chaos on the Great Eastern mainline on Twitter this evening with one tweet having a particularly serious tone. I know he has been lobbying the Transport Secretary, Philip Hammond, for major investment on the mainline but I doubt in this current economic climate there will be much cash forthcoming. It is not just a matter of money but a case of tackling the RMT union, the incompetence of Network Rail and the lack of incentives for operators to invest in the track infrastructure.

As a fellow Conservative has said, the extent of the problem is enough to withold one’s vote.

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IT professional; political blogger, former Conservative councillor

One thought on “Train Chaos hits MP

  1. How could people be prevented from getting onto the track? It has to be accessible at platforms, level crossings, etc; never mind the tens of miles that run through empty countryside. Effort needs to be concentrated on swift clear-up, and minimizing timetable disruption causd by these tragic events.

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