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Cameron needs to move in the Right direction now


As pointed out by Tory blog ‘A Riverside View’ this is an excellent intelligent article from Simon Marcus, who very skilfully explains how the Left tore up the social fabric of our once great nation over forty years.

The liberal intelligentsia infiltrated schools, local government councils, and even our courts (until the conversion on the road to Damascus last week) and then they forced on this country their amoral messages and ideas which led to anarchy on our streets earlier this month. The Left believe the family does not matter, right and wrong are relative concepts, and there is no need to take responsibility for your actions or your life as the State will cushion you from cradle to grave through a bloated benefits system. A Labour Government then came in and actively pursued these ideas in policies and guidelines. Brown and Bliar’s children were taught these messages as a matter of course either directly or indirectly by not tacking bad behaviour or setting boundaries and encouraging families to not work as being on benefits made them better off. And guess what, the chickens came home to roost.

People on the Right have known for years the Left were wrong but millions woke up last week to how cruelly wrong the liberal intelligentsia really were.

The task now is for the Right to re-assert themselves. This will be difficult as Cameron, sucked in by the Left’s rhetoric, ensured through a Soviet-style control of candidate selections that a number of Tory ‘wets’ – as the great lady once said – now sit in the Conservative parliamentary party. Luckily, Michael Gove is pushing through the Government’s education policy to open more academies (one thing Bliar should be thanked for), which will instil the discipline needed in our schools. But outside of the school, hundreds of thousands of families sit on benefits with no thought of contributing to society.  Iain Duncan Smith’s welfare reform policies must be stepped up a gear with key announcements made which show the Government’s commitment to ensuring those on benefits never take in as much as a family who gets up in the morning and goes to work.  Housing benefit – which sees a family on benefits living in a £2000 a week property in West Hampstead, must also be reformed with haste.

We have seen this week magistrates finally wake up to the powers they have to get tough on offenders with people rightly sent to prison for lengthy terms for taking part in the riots of last week. But this justice system must continue when ‘ordinary’ criminals come in front of the bench. Magistrates were swayed by public opinion –  rightly so, considering they represent local people in dispensing of justice – and this opinion was articulated through politicians.  So it would be folly to say politicians have no role in the justice system – they patently do as they decide the laws and sentences for breaking them. So stronger political leadership on crime and order is now needed. Cameron should call a taxi for Clarke and soon.

David Cameron has one chance to redeem himself and steer the country in the Right direction.  If the yellow peril let him.


Author: gavinmaclure

IT professional; political blogger, former Conservative councillor

3 thoughts on “Cameron needs to move in the Right direction now

  1. "Luckily, Michael Gove is pushing through the Government's education policy to open more academies (one thing Bliar should be thanked for), which will instil the discipline needed in our schools."Academies are just a governance model for schools and I do not see what they have to do with behaviour.You come from Suffolk where we are blessed with a large number of outstanding schools where children are extremely well behaved most of which aren't academies. You will need to get out of Ipswich to see the full picture though :-)Many of these schools will become academies but I do not see what this has to do with behaviour ( or "discipline" as you call it).I am struck whenever I visit these schools how well behaved the children our and what a great credit our children and young people are to us. This week hundreds of thousands of young people achieved record A-Level results and were rewarded for their hard work with university places. These hardworking young people vastly outnumber any troubled and trouble causing people yet the press coverage is completely the other way around.The young people who come to University and who I have the pleasure to meet in my work are bright, intelligent and hard working too.As for your comments about education and other areas being "infiltrated" by a particular political outlook I think this is complete and utter nonsense. Schools staff just want to get on with the job and have been as critical of the political nonsense from the left as to that from the right.You get used to politicians being something you have to bear as they try one ill-though out idea after another. The only good thing is thankfully they are never around for that long. Politicians don't have much of an idea how to run schools, hospitals or much at all to be honest. And why would they?

  2. James, thanks for your comments. My point on Academies is that because of the independent Governance the head teacher has the flexibility to instill a culture of displine, untouched by the meddling LEA, to do things like insist children stand up when another teacher enters the room, have a uniform dress code which is enforced etc. Little things which make a big difference to improving the education for young people.Btw, I'm not FROM Suffolk. I've lived all over the UK…

  3. Thanks Gavin. LAs haven't "meddled" in this kind of thing for sometime due to local management of schools which is really well established. These kinds of things are matters for the Governors and Head Teacher. This is one reason I am not opposed to academy status as it is the next logical step from local management of schools.What remains to be seen though is if academies are subject to interference from central government who have long been the main "meddlers" certainly the last Labour government were! And I think we all need to accept that freedom means some schools won't be exactly what you or I want. You mention a particular aproach to discipline and some schools might want to do that but others might have a different idea and I hope we allow some real and genuine freedom from both central and local government. Sure there needs to be checks and balances on performance by inspection and other means but I hope we don't replace LA control with central government control…

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