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Tottenham riot

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The behaviour in Tottenham last night was disgusting and completely unacceptable. Under planning law, a lot of shops have residential accommodation over the top, i.e. flats. As a result of the arson committed last night on these shops, some people have literally lost everything: their home, their possessions. Looting was rife and was still going on at 5.30am this morning in broad daylight at a local retail park, according to Sky News.

Where were the rudderless Met Police? This behaviour must not be tolerated in our society. There is no excuse. Let me repeat that, there is no excuse whatsoever.

Enter Robert Peston, so called guru on the economic meltdown on the BBC and one of Gordon Brown’s biographers (no wonder he knows so much about economic meltdown).  And did I mention he works for the BBC – unbelievable bias on their part.
And this was Mr Peston’s reponse to the riot:!/Peston/status/100118060588990464.  He says: “Not a justification for Tottenham and Wood Green riots and looting, but interesting background” and then links to a Guardian article which excuses the riots because of “Tory cuts” to youth centres.
You couldn’t make this nonsensical left-wing clap trap up!

The type of scum who burn cars and buses in the street, set fire to shops and people’s homes and steal from shops don’t go to youth centres.  They are not victims of “cuts”.  They are criminals who belong in jail for a very long period of time.  We need protection from these people.

And guess who re-tweeted Robert Peston’s tweet: the editor of the Morning Evening Star, Nigel Pickover.


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