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Do you want the Guardian and the BBC running the country?


As despicable as hacking into the phones of murder victims and terrorist victims is, and those involved should face the full force of the law, we need to be very careful we don’t move from a media state to a French-style anti-press state, which stifles free speech and erodes democracy. The media do have far too much power in this country and the events of the last two weeks will hopefully reduce their power but we must retain media plurality when the inquiries report in one or two years time.

There is a reason why Labour and their fellow Guardianistas have jumped on the phone-hacking bandwagon with such zealousness. Red Ed and his Labour Party must think all their Christmases (sorry Wintervilles) have come at once over the last week as they now have a chance to crush the Conservative-supporting popular press. Ed Milliband smirks as he realises his beloved BBC and The Guardian may now have more influence in British politics.

During all the hysteria from the Left, let’s not forget the overwhelming dominant force in the British media is the BBC! I wonder why Labour and the Guardianistas have shouted down the slightest hint of dissent against the BBC during this scandal?

When the inquiries coming down the track get underway, Cameron needs to ensure plurality of the press is maintained once the furore dies down so that the voices of the majority of voters are heard in our print media. As much as it might pain the Guardianistas, they don’t speak for mainstream Britain.

Author: gavinmaclure

IT professional; political blogger, former Conservative councillor

3 thoughts on “Do you want the Guardian and the BBC running the country?

  1. The media should be allowed to publish anything they want but I don't think anyone has the right to infringe on the privacy of others not even law enforcement. These tabloid journalists should be taken out into the street & shot.

  2. The majority of voters opposed the Conservative at the last election, so to have a largely Conservative-supporting popular press is somewhat out of step.If at the moment the Guardian and Mirror are the only Labour-supporting newspapers (although it should perhaps be pointed out that the Guardian actually supported the Lib Dems at the last election), then the 43% of voters who declare an intention of voting Labour in current opinion polls would seem to be under-represented.

  3. From daily newspapers1. The Sun (7,772,000 readers)2. The Daily Mail (4,741,000)3. The Daily Mirror (3,087,000)*4. Metro (3,287,000)5. The Daily Telegraph (1,680,000)6. The Times (1,565,000)7. Daily Star (1,571,000)8. Daily Express (1,427,000)9. The Guardian (1,103,000)10. The Independent (532,000) Sunday newspapers1. News of the World (7,537,000)2. The Mail on Sunday (4,896,000)3. Sunday Mirror (3,690,000)4. The Sunday Times (2,952,000)5. Sunday Express (1,466,000)6. The Sunday Telegraph (1,442,000)7. The People (1,273,000)8. The Observer (1,030,000)9. Sunday Mail (1,067,000)10. Daily Star Sunday (919,000) The Guardian has less readers than the Daily Star for Gods sake! Yet how many times does Polly Toynbee appear on a panel of a BBC programme compared to Melenie Phillips?

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