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Immigration debate is needed

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Bridge Ward News have posted an excellent piece on the immigration debate today, which calmly sums up the current position on this subject and the issues which occurred as a result of the uncontrolled immigration Labour allowed during their thirteen years in power.

The key point is politicians of all parties fail to debate immigration, not necessarily because they are scared of being classed, wrongly, as racist (although that is one reason) but because they fail to grasp the problem: that is the working people of this country are those who suffer most from uncontrolled immigration as it deflates their wages and takes away their jobs.  Contrary to Bridge Ward News this isn’t just an unskilled worker’s problem but affects many jobs and professions, including swathes of the employed Middle Class.  It is not a problem, of course, for the business owner who wants workers on the cheap, which includes many business-owning politicians.

In addition, services such as healthcare and school places are not keeping up with demand, and it is the same people whose jobs are under threat and whose wages are deflated who suffer as a result of overstretched services.  Politicians can always go private of course.

Bridge Ward News makes the strong point that if the Conservatives had actually talked about the issues which affect voters, we would have won a majority in Westminster last May.  I’d agree wholeheartedly with this.  We would have won if Cameron had talked about immigration and lower taxes instead of an untested wishy-washy policy which no one understands called ‘The Big Society’.  This policy might work in Windsor where some mums don’t work (and therefore have plenty of time to do things for the ‘community’) as their husbands are making quite enough, thank-you, as stockbrokers in the City but in the marginal seats up and down the land it means nothing and therefore hardly encourages them to vote Tory.

Back to the immigration debate, it is encouraging to see the Home Secretary, Theresa May, driving forward the Coalition’s policy of reducing net immigration to the tens of thousands not hundreds of thousands, despite the best efforts of Nick Clegg to scupper the policy.  Much work, however, needs to be done to address the damage done by Labour by allowing uncontrolled immigration over thirteen years and that means talking more about the subject which voters regularly put at the top of their concerns.

Author: gavinmaclure

IT professional; political blogger, former Conservative councillor

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